• 1922

    Foundation of the company by Emile Pernat

  • 1972

    Fist plant

    Creation of first industrial location: Marnaz plant

  • 1982

    Creation of PERNAT Industrie

  • 1992

    Second plant PERNAT Emile

    Growing of PERNAT Emile with the Creation of a second plant : « Marvex » in Scionzier

  • 1998

    Third plant PERNAT Emile

    New Acquisition of Perrier factory for a third plant : Marignier plant

  • 2006

    closure of the Scionzier

    Enlargement of Marignier plant

    Integration of the company PERDEM within PERNAT Industrie

  • 2014

    Creation of Pernat International

    Acquisition of a new company Dumont with 2 plants : In Scionzier and in Orastie (Romania)

    Acquisition of the company Altia Saint Médard: Pernat SMJ

  • 2016

    Creation of Pernat Turkey

    Opening of a new building in Turquie (2000 m²)

    Opening of a new building (greenfield) in Romania (3500 m²)

  • 2017

    Dumont Technologies Group becomes Pernat Technologies and Pernat Romania